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ESML - Postgraduate course in Applied Composition

  [EN] Postgraduate course in Applied Composition - 2022/2023 ESML - Lisbon College of Music About The postgraduate course in Applied Composition aims to provide up-to-date technical training in the field of music production, focusing on the fields of experimentalism associated with the multiplicity of practices inherent in contemporary Western art music and the diversity of means of production inherent to it. During the postgraduate course, students will have the opportunity to work with an internationally renowned faculty and Ensemble Recherche*. Faculty Ensemble Recherche :: ensemble Luis Naón (CNSMD Paris) :: composition   Rut Schereiner (CNSMD Paris) :: conducting   Alex Waite (HMDK Stuttgart) :: interpretation - piano   Michele Tadini (CNSMD Lyon) :: computer-aided composition   Structure Duration: 1 year Beginning of school year: October-November 2022 Final presentation: July 17th to 23rd, 2023 (with Ensemble Recherche*) Entry requirements Priority will be given

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